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Trader CBSX Sponsorship Program  -  (experienced traders click here)
Would you like to learn how to trade and get employed with a reputable trading firm?  We will sponsor anyone who wishes to seriously pursue a career as a stock market day trader. Our CBSX Sponsorship will include online training and education courses & coaching. Graduates will be tested for qualification and receive immediate employment with one of our chosen professional trading service providers. See below for more details.
Free Online Trader Education & Training Courses
Quality education and training is provided by our affiliate CambridgeTrading Institute.
  Our chosen service provider will pay for your training & education. - ($4,000 value)
  A real streaming Level II Platform will be provided for practice simulation purposes.
  6 Months Free Access to our Live Assisted Trading Rooms - ($1000 value)
  Free access to live trading workshops and recorded webinars.
  Free continuing education courses for 6 months.
CBSX Sponsorship Qualification Requirements
Below are the requirements for all candidates of this CBSX Sponsorship program.
  Must be at least 18 years of age.
  English speaking, writing and reading required
  Sponsored candidates must become a member with trading privileges
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